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Adam Houge: Thank you Susan. It's good to be here. Susan Friedmann: Adam, so many of my authors aspire to being bestselling authors. Tell us how you came about to develop your powerful book launch formula? Adam Houge: It all began, just a quick story, I had struggled with a health-related illness that forced me to quit my job.

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Also, I would look into The Fan Base Formula by Adam Houge. He will teach you how to market on Amazon. I'm still working through what I've learned from him, but I've already seen improvements with what I've applied thus far.

Your guide is Adam Houge. He is a Wall Street Journal and USA TODA Y bestselling author. After distributing more than 2,500,000 of his own books, he founded The Fan Base Formula for Authors where he teaches authors at all levels, from brand new to New York Times bestsellers, how to grow and maintain consistent and reliable sales with their books.