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The Wholeness Process with Connirae Andreas. A path of “Awakening” and resolving human problems. You will be introduced to a process that comes from modeling esoteric spiritual teaching (about enlightenment and how to get there), into a precise and doable method. The Wholeness Process is the result of Connirae’s 14 year period of personal searching.

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Tamara Andreas is an international transformational seminar leader and co-author of the book, Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within, and the Core Transformation Training Manual. She has been bringing the Core Transformation work to people around the world for over two decades, and has been the lead trainer for this process and for the Wholeness Work trainings in Asia.

Connirae Andreas, PhD is an international leader in the field of personal development of more than four decades.

Through the steps of the process, this felt experience offers a profound healing resolving many limiting emotions and behaviors.

Connirae’s new Wholeness Work offers a precise way to experience "dissolving the ego" in a way.

Connirae has been working on a process for personal growth that she calls “the Wholeness Process,” after studying various spiritual teachings on enlightenment, translating them into a precise method that people can adopt into a daily practice, and then working weekly with a small group in Boulder (her hometown) to refine the method.

In my 2-hour presentation, I introduced (with permission from Connirae) the first of Connirae Andreas’ Wholeness Processes. As part of the presentation, I guided the group through the process, and demonstrated the process with a volunteer from the group.

Connirae Andreas was one of the first small group to be certified as NLP Trainers by the field’s founders in 1981. She and husband, Steve Andreas, are responsible for bringing NLP into greater visibility through creating & publishing books by founders Bandler & Grinder.