David Sharpe – Story Selling Formula [repack]

David Sharpe – Story Selling Formula [repack] 4 out of 5 based on 36 ratings.

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Empower Network Inner Circle Audio #6: Are you a SLAVE to the dream you’ve been selling? (With David Sharpe, Tony Rush and Carol Douthitt) David Sharpe introduces what Empower Monday Night Call (9 PM) is all about and how it changes your Mondays to.

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The marketing campaign around the film is selling.

David Tennant. The Mule (R) People are talking this up as some sort of.

David Sharpe has a similar story from his struggles from drugs, loosing his daughter in the process while the only job he could hold is a construction job. David Sharpe found a way to find a way out of his construction job and into a network marketing company to take his.

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The co-owner, David Sharpe even had a so called homeless woman stand up and tell her story and than he proceeded to get her a room at the hotel, since she was sleeping in her car. I agree the Wussy concept of going All-In is sad.

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Sharing and talking about the product looks simple enough. But if you want to build a team of people, you’re going to have to get real good at selling the concept of getting in on the “story telling with picture and creating memories” to people open to taking a look at a business opportunity.

I can remember when I first met David about 3 years ago when a buddy of mine dragged me to meet him at the office of his previous company. I had only known David in passing at that point, but I had great respect for his success especially knowing his back story of overcoming multiple addictions and severe health challenges.

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