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Body De-Armouring: Intimbereich entpanzern, Düsseldorf. Was ist De-Amouring eigentlich? Genaugenommen bedeutet es entkapseln bzw. entpanzern. Jeder von uns wurde einmal körperlich oder emotional verletzt.

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If you are a brother, there are two types of modalities that I have to offer to you. None of them involve sexual energy or touch of the genitals, as I don't feel called to offer that. You can choose between a Tantra Coaching and a Shamanic De-armouring Bodywork Session.

AWAKEN THE BODY is a transformative 1 day workshop offering us a unique opportunity to drop deeply into our bodies using breath, de-armouring & energy movement. Together we will create a supportive environment to help us love and nurture our somatic and energetic blockages ultimately moving us towards our wholeness.

Published 29/09/2015 at 1609 × 905 in Body De Armouring. ← Previous Next → Dearmouring process has swept the natural therapy and personal development world.

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