Free Download Connirae Andreas – The Wholeness Process

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Connirae has been working on a process for personal growth that she calls “the Wholeness Process,” after studying various spiritual teachings on enlightenment, translating them into a precise method that people can adopt into a daily practice, and then working weekly with a small group in Boulder (her hometown) to refine the method.

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It’s called the “Wholeness Process”. What Connirae discovered is that when the mind is in a state of wholeness, stress is released, and relaxation is natural and automatic. And this is the simplest, most direct, most reliable method we know of to help our psyche reach a state of wholeness. And what is a state of wholeness?

Connirae Andreas, PhD, has had a lasting impact on the field of NLP through many innovations, including her groundbreaking work with Aligning Perceptual Positions and Core Transformation, and original work in Advanced Language Patterns, Timelines, grief, and shame resolution.