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Mindvalley OmHarmonics This program also uses binaural beats technology, but takes it to a whole other level. The full level 1 of the program is very simple, consisting of five binaural beats audios.

Buy OmHarmonics Meditation Audio Tracks from MindValley’s Official Site Don’t Miss This Video I am sharing a video by Vishen Lakhiani – founder of MindValley (A personal development digital publishing company) who takes you through a guided meditation session.

The Mindvalley Quests learning platform combines the power of community, daily micro-learning, and the world’s best teachers to give you a dramatically more immersive and transformational personal growth experience than ever before. The World’s Best Teachers On One Platform.

OmHarmonics was created out of the need of a modern day alternative to traditional meditation audios. As founder of Mindvalley and a self-confessed personal growth junkie, Vishen Lakhiani wanted to usher in the next generation of meditation that could be.