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Art Of Owner Finance Pro By Mitch Stephen – Free Download Over 25 hours of educational material broken into 13 easy-to-digest modules.

Mitch Stephen’s Owner Finance Training includes 13 easy-to-digest Video/Audio Modules. Key Topics covered are.

The Art of Owner Finance Pro Online Training Course;

Traditionally, a buyer gets a loan from a third party lender i.e. a bank, credit union etc.

in order to finance the purchase of a property. Owner financing (A.K.A. seller financing, owner carry-back, seller take-back) however, is an agreement in which the seller of a property agrees to provide (all or part of) the financing to the buyer for.

Episode 3: Real Estate Financing Options; Episode 2: “FUNDING YOUR DEALS” using Private Funding Sources: 0% Credit Cards and Unsecured Business Lines of Credit; Episode 1: Who Is Mitch Stephen? Why is “Buy and Hold” a Myth? Why Owner Financed Properties?

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By contrast, owner-financing gives the seller a guaranteed return of whatever the interest rate on the loan is. Further, sellers who owner-finance can charge a higher interest rate than banks because seller-financing often makes the deal attractive to the buyer, especially if the buyer couldn't qualify for a bank loan.

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