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This is a used DVD, in great condition! T'ai Chi Beginner's Workout with David-Dorian Ross – Created to feel like personal one-on-one instruction, so you can learn more intuitively and move more confidently as you explore the beginning T'ai Chi forms.

David-Dorian is the host of the PBS television special "Tai Chi, Health and Happiness" and the PBS series "Tai Chi in Paradise." David-Dorian is the author of five books on health and wellness, and a dozen award-winning dvd's, including Tai Chi Beginners’ Practice (the #1 selling T’ai Chi video in the world), produced by Gaiam.

David-Dorian guides you through his invigorating STRENGTH workout, using empty-hand and tai chi ball moves in DVD 2 of the Tai Chi Fit series.

2 T’ai Chi Movements That Can Transform Your Health From master teacher David-Dorian Ross, fundamental motions to raise your fitness and wellness By David-Dorian Ross March 22, 2013

Experience Tai Chi Fitness Tai Chi Fit is a unique workout that I have developed after decades of traditional tai chi (taijiquan) practice. It is an effort to make tai chi more fun and accessible, while making your fitness more graceful and holistic.

Scott Cole’s Discover Tai Chi AM & PM Workouts is the best I have found so far, and I have a box full of tai chi videos that I consider mostly useless.

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**BESTSELLING SERIES BY DAVID-DORIAN!*** FEEL THE FLOW OF TAI CHI. In Tai Chi Fit – FLOW, David-Dorian Ross gently guides you through a simple Tai Chi workout with an emphasis on continuity, connection, and your feeling of FLOW.

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